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  About St. Joe's - Dress Code
The hallmark of St. Joseph's dress code is Christian modesty. All clothing must reflect Christian modesty and not attract undo attention. We believe in a uniform dress code policy for the following reasons:
  1. It allows the student to focus on academics rather than on dress.
  2. It helps to eliminate competition for expensive and/or fad clothing.
  3. It helps the student when getting ready for school in the morning.

The uniform dress code is very specific! Please click here for the dress code information and review it thoroughly. Parents find it very helpful to take a print out of this information with them when they are shopping for school clothing.

Please note that there is a modified dress code for middle school, special “Mass dress” for all students on all Mass days, and Friday is generally school spirit day (except when there is Mass).

Classroom teachers are expected to enforce the dress code with the principal making final decisions on all matters pertaining to the dress code. Students out of dress code will be required to call a parent and appropriate consequences will be assigned.


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